July 22, 2020

Communicating clearly, confidently and with honesty is what’s needed in our world right now.

I am so proud to support community leaders by helping them find the right words. It’s not spin, they are words these people speak, believe and live by, but sometimes they just need a bit of help getting their thoughts in order.

This post has come about after one of my clients told me that they had received high praise for the way they communicated during a crisis which had far-reaching implications. They felt uncomfortable because they felt the reason they had communicated so well is because I was behind the scenes helping draft words for them.

But that is exactly what I’m here for. That is why I am part of my clients’ lives. It is their job to do their job, and it is mine to help them be better communicators. Because when you are in the heat of the moment, particularly crisis moments, your focus needs to be on how you are going to manage through the logistics of the situation you’re facing. You can’t and don’t need to do it alone – this is where the people around you step up and support you. This is where I come in.

When you speak your truth, you are never alone.


*I took this photo at Short Point, Merimbula last week. It was a tumultuous week for the community with the worry of the coronavirus in the region dominating everyone’s thoughts. Although this solitary person looks like they are alone they weren’t – the swell had created a peak hour effect and there were people everywhere (socially distanced of course) to see it for themselves. The weather gave everyone an opportunity to focus on the marvel of nature – something that will always be there to marvel us no matter what is going on around us. See, even when it feels or looks like it, you are never alone!