September 14, 2020

For many years mp|media solutions founder Melissa Pouliot has written, edited, project managed to completion (working with designers and printing houses) VicNoTill’s member magazine From the Ground Up. This magazine features in-depth interviews with farmers, written for farmers.

It’s not a magazine that’s trying to sell anyone anything, it’s all about sharing experiences – good and bad – in the pursuit of ‘good farming’. “Every time I interview another Australian farmer I feel like they’re setting the bar higher and higher when they break away from the norm to grow nutritious food and nurture their soils.”

mp|media solutions also worked with VicNoTill on a new brand which represents their growth over the past 17 years. One thing that has never changed in the organisation’s history is that VicNoTill started as a farmer-led group of farmers helping farmers, something it continues to do today.