October 28, 2018

If you pop in and visit this website and see the dates on my Hot of the Press posts, or check into my latest work gallery, and wonder what I’m up to.

I have been in business since mid 2000, at the time of writing that makes it more than 18 years. And it’s always been the same. I’m always so busy promoting my clients and the amazing work they are doing, that it’s very rare that I pop into my own website or Facebook page to let people know what I’m up to.

The short answer is always the same. Lots! My weeks are hectic and manic with deadlines every single day. I still have many of the same clients I had when I first started mp|media solutions and I get to work with incredibly passionate people in environment, farming, government, waste and recycling, business and retail sectors (to name a few).

This year has been particularly hectic and I am calling it The Year of The Roadtrip. I have travelled a lot for work and pleasure and have been busy with family commitments. Then there’s the volunteer work I do as an advocate for missing people for the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre and as an Ambassador for Day for Daniel for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. And ten minutes of every day, more if I’m able, is spent writing my Missing Series crime mystery novels. In 2018 I have also finished my memoir which I’m currently pitching to publishers. I have also collected thousands of new books for the Book Love for Tathra collection to replace books from home libraries lost in the tragic fires of my hometown in March.

So if you do happen to pop by I apologise for not updating you regularly on the mp|media solutions projects I’ve been working on. Mostly likely you are seeing my work in newspapers, magazines, online, on social media, on television, You Tube or on the street without realising that I’m beavering away behind the scenes.

I will share one recent project with you though and this one is a standout. Let’s GO FOGO! Click HERE to find out more!