October 23, 2015

Delivering your media marketing promise

In the past month one of my clients has achieved amazing success by winning three major business awards.

DELTAwater solutions has most recently walked away with the title of the best marketed manufacturing company in the Hunter Valley. Based in Newcastle, which boasts a large number of major manufacturing businesses, it is a major coup. Just a few weeks earlier they were awarded Business of the Year in the Hunter Valley as well as receiving an award for most innovative product in the Hunter Valley.

So how did they do it? Media marketing.

A bit of background first. DELTAwater solutions came up with the idea of manufacturing a 100% Australian, environmentally friendly and sustainable water treatment product in the early 1990s. For more than 20 years they’ve been helping Australian farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, irrigators, commercial industry and government access better quality water.

They have an ongoing Research and Development program, an agent network that spans across Australia and overseas, and a huge focus on looking after their customers. They started their business from scratch and have been on a steady growth path that is still growing as they develop new products and find new markets. The Australian manufacturing industry gets very little government support but DELTA is one example of a company striving and reaching excellence in this sector and completely bucking the trend.

So there is no disputing that they have a great product, a fantastic and sustainable business model and know what they’re doing.

Building your brand

But who knows this? And who is going to tell them? There’s word of mouth, which is a great form of marketing, but there needs to be a consistent and thoughtful approach to building their brand, then delivering on that brand.

Since the early 2000s I have been the media marketing manager for DELTAwater solutions. Our marketing strategy combines media releases, social media marketing, PR and graphic design branding.

Success stories from DELTA customers are genuine and seeing before DELTA and after DELTA images demonstrate clearly what the product is all about

Success stories from DELTA customers are genuine and seeing before DELTA and after DELTA images demonstrate clearly what the product is all about

Tracking your marketing spend

Their budget is not large, and is spent wisely. They track their marketing spend and they know exactly what is working and what isn’t. We’ve taken a few risks along the way. Admittedly some risks pay off better than others, but overall we’ve achieved some fantastic results and their media marketing has contributed significantly to their business growth.

This is why DELTAwater solutions is such a fantastic and successful business. They:

  • Have an amazing product.
  • Plan their marketing activities well in advance.
  • Have a clear and results-driven marketing strategy.
  • Are consistent across all forms of marketing.
  • Recognise they need to focus on their business and entrust their marketing to a media marketing professional, but most importantly communicate regularly with their marketing professional so everyone is always on the same page.
  • And most importantly, and they get extra points of this, they deliver on their marketing promise.

Congratulations DELTA. You are a media marketing dream.